Monday, December 31, 2012

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FICTIVE  is a marketing consultancy firm.
It works as a promotion team on behalf of all sorts of new, emerging and growing business corporations.

FICTIVE  is to be the leading Marketing Firm in Bangladesh. We believe in positive change in marketing, business, technology and national economy according to time.

FICTIVE will serve different organizations very effective and commercially viable marketing plan, idea, strategy with standard sales support.

General Information

Company Overview:

FICTIVE is a Marketing consultancy Firm in Bangladesh which provides total marketing solution for any profitable or non-profitable business organization. It is a highly qualified Marketing Firm in Bangladesh by a highly knowledgeable and experienced team in response to what they believe to be an attractive business opportunity created by the following conditions:
• There is a great difference between Cost of production and Market Price of the product because of high Marketing Cost, Sales Cost and Distribution Cost.
• Different organizations want to reduce their cost of sales by reducing workforce in marketing department.
• They also want to solve their marketing department’s works by third party.
• Few industries have a lot of opportunities of making profit by marketing but they have no ability to open a marketing department in their firms.
• Most of the FMCG producing companies need a strong distribution channel, but they are not capable to do this for many limitations.

FICTIVE  proposes to provide a strong customer oriented service with a view to providing every kind of Marketing Solution to the large number of profitable or non-profitable organizations. FICTIVE  will help the organizations to increase their sales volume and profitability by providing effective Marketing Policy, Branding Policy, IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication), Online Marketing and FICTIVE ’s strong Distribution Channel in almost all metropolitan and rural areas of Bangladesh.

Our services:

Our services are very exclusive and unique in the context of Bangladesh. We provide these services in a customized way to the individual clients. We are expertise in the following sectors:
Sales promotion,
Marketing research,
Guerrilla Marketing
Direct marketing,
Personal sales,
Corporate events
Product launching, 
Marketing plan,

FICTIVE is a creative idea when the business world is count as the world of marketing. The company will serve different organizations very effective and commercially viable marketing plan with standard sales support.

Ayub khan

Phone: +8801928709383


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Fictive will serve different organizations very effective and commercially viable Marketing research, marketing plan, Marketing idea, strategy with standard sales support.